Problems with a Pedestal Sink

  • How to prevent a bad odour in a bathroom that has only a pedestal sink and a toilet?


This problem usually occurs when the drainage around the foundation is not done well. If water collects under the slab, there will immediately be an offensive smell of dampness that will pass through the pipes, rising above the slab. There is a high possibility that the caulking at the rear end of the toilet has a gap due to which the odour is seeping through.


The solution in this case is to remove the toilet and seal the pipes with hydraulic cement. When doing so, make sure the wax ring is thick enough to compress properly when replacing the toilet. The caulking around the toilet also should be done very well in order to ensure that it is secured completely onto the floor.


  • How do you extract the stopper from a blocked pedestal sink after the accumulated water has been removed?


A screw driver should help in most cases but if not, here’s an alternative. At the bottom of the sink, you will see a rod, which enters from the side of the drain. A nut holds the rod in place so remove the nut first and pull out the rod. The stopper will then be free and you can pull it out easily.


  • How to clear a pedestal sink drain which is blocked with some black residue?


Residue blocking a pedestal sink drain is usually a mixture of toothpaste, soap, and hair products. The best way to clean this dirt is to borrow a tiny sewer machine that has a flexible head and put the cable through the drain from the top of the sink. Let some hot water trickle down to allow the debris to come out. When the debris begins to clear out, increase the water flow to allot all the dirt to be flushed out.


  • Is there any way to access the shut off valves in an emergency since they are hidden inside the hollow of a pedestal sink?


Don’t make the mistake of placing the angle stops into the hollow gap of the sink because this is an unusual practice and is a violation of the code. Therefore in an emergency, the only way is to pull out the pedestal.


  • Why is there no cold water flowing in the pedestal sink and toilet?


This is probably because the pipes flowing water to the relevant sink and toilet are frozen.  The best way to solve this issue is to have a professional plumber visit the site and thaw the pipes out with an appropriate thawing machine. Make sure the faucets are kept open during the thawing out process.


For bathrooms that have space restrictions, a pedestal sink is an ideal option. But just like larger sinks, pedestal sinks also come with several problems. Solving these with professional help is the best way out. Experts will answer all your queries and provide suitable solutions for the existing problems with your pedestal sink.