Concerns regarding one piece toilets

Some of you are probably wondering what a one piece toilet is. This is a luxury bathroom amenity affordable by few where the tank and the bowl of the toilet are molded into one single piece. The functionality is very similar to a regular two piece toilet but is easier to clean and maintain and looks very sleek and aesthetic. While these models operate effectively, sometimes problems do arise. Some common concerns relate to one piece toilets are listed below.


  • Why does a one piece toilet that has a power gravity flush system have leaks at the point where the two pipes join?


This happens most often when debris has collected and blocked the fill valve, which is prevented from completely closing. Sometimes if the valve is very worn out it may not be able to close itself effectively enough. In any case, the valve will have to be replaced to solve the leakage problem.


  • Why does a one piece toilet keep on filling water in the tank after it is flushed?


This is a continuous leak which occurs as a result of a faulty flapper in the toilet. The flapper is a rubber flap/disk at the end of the chain which will have to be replaced.


  • When a flapper is being replaced is it required to also replace the mushy looking gasket around the flush valve?


The gasket of the flush valve should be replaced only if the tank is unable to hold water, letting it drip into the bowl even though a new flapper has been put in place. The gasket is made of a material known as neoprene and does not require a sealant to keep it secure. If the gasket looks swollen at times just let it be because trying to replace it could just mean asking for more trouble.


  • Even though many parts of a one piece toilet have been recently replaced, it still flushes on its own sometimes. Why does this happen?


Maybe the rubber flapper that was replaced was a faulty one. Replace it again with a good quality one and make sure there is sufficient slack in the chain so that it can close properly. If the problem is still not solved, try replacing the flush valve where the flapper is placed. You could purchase a flush repair kit to repair these common flush problems by yourself or simply call an expert to help you out with a correct diagnosis and solution.


  • Why does a one piece toilet that has dual flush technology keep flushing continuously?


Try lifting the lid to see if the flush action stops. If it does, then the lid is obstructing the flush lever, which is why it doesn’t stop flushing when the lid is closed. The flush mechanism has a lever action which should be adjusted to stop this repetitive flushing.


  • A one piece toilet tank does not flush completely. How can this be fixed?


When the water level in the tank is very low, this problem may occur. Fundamentally, the water level should be within half an inch of the overflow mark of the top of the pipe.  Another reason for this issue may be because the chain connecting the flapper on the flush valve has excessive slack, which is obstructing the flush action. The slack on the chain should only b to the extent of one or two links.


  • Why does the lever of the flush have to be held down for about eight seconds for the flush to finally work?


The ball inside the tank is supposed to be airtight. If there is a puncture in the ball and it fills up with water, it will sink to the bottom and problems like this will occur. Fix the damage in the ball and make sure it acts like a float instead of sinking and blocking the outlet.


If you are prepared to pay an extra price to make your bathroom look appealing, one piece toilets is a good option. To avoid unnecessary additional expenses, always seek help from a professional plumber when these one piece toilets are giving trouble. Trying to fix it yourself and damaging the whole system instead will mean you have to replace it and that will be very costly.